Raft Guide and Kayak Schools


Mid May each year (usually the week after the local colleges finish finals)
We will teach you all the basics on being a professional commercial whitewater raft guide. This class will include outdoor classroom and lots of hands-on practice on the river. At the end you will have to basic knowledge to apply for a job as a whitewater raft guide, and or take your friends and family out safely on the river. Training will include but isn’t limited to how to prep/rig a raft, steering a raft with a paddle, using your crew to maneuver through rapids, avoiding obstacles, hitting holes, reading the river, lines for rapids, catching and using eddies, how to get off rocks, swimming rapids, flipping a raft, hand signals, making lunches river style, how to use a rescue bag, safety and paddle talks, and more. This noncompetitive 5-day class will be done mostly on the class III+ Pigeon Point section of the Trinity River and will include a day on some harder, class IV whitewater. Free camping and parking onsite at Six Rivers Rafting in Junction City is included as is lunch each day. All rafting gear is provided at no extra charge. Minimum of 1 instructor per every 5 students.

Guide School – 2024 Begins Monday May 13th at 9am and finishes Saturday May 17th around 5pm.

Ages: 16 and up
Costs: $600/person


Swiftwater Rescue Classes to Follow Guide School: May 22-23, 2024

If you are not sure which class to sign up for, please feel free to reach out for any and all questions!

River Rescue Certification(RRC)

River Rescue Certification – Advanced


Mid June each year (usually a weekend or two after local schools let out.)
This is for tweens and teenagers (ages 11-17) looking to have fun and learn the basics of guiding a raft and river rescue/safety techniques. It will include an outdoor “classroom” component, but most of our time will be spent on the river with hands on learning about and practicing whitewater river skills, and having as much fun as possible! Training will include, but isn’t limited to: steering a raft with a paddle, using your crew maneuver a raft, reading the river, lines for rapids, eddies, getting unstuck, flipping a raft, hand signals, rescue rope bags, and more. Each day will include a new on-river game and on-land river guide game.  This non competitive 4 day class will be done mostly on class II sections of the upper Trinity River (between Big Flat and Cedar Flat), but will include a day (or 2) on the class III+ pigeon point section. We’ll rent a USFS group campsite (either Skunk Point or Pigeon Point, depending on availability) and the kids can camp there with a parent or other responsible adult. We’ll feed the kids lunch each day, but you’ll be responsible to providing dinners and breakfasts. Instructors will come pick up the kids each morning at 10am and return them to camp between around 4pm. Parents are welcome to book day rafting trips with 6 Rivers Rafting during the days, go hiking in the Trinity Alps, or just relax by the river. All necessary rafting gear is provided at no charge. There will be a minimum of 1 instructor per every 5 students.  Students are welcome to join for less than the full time at a rate of $135/day.

Junior Guide School – 2024 Begins Friday June 21st at 10am and finishes Monday June 24th around 4pm.

Ages: 11-17
Costs: $500/student

Where: Trinity River hwy 299. Skunk Point campground.*Includes camping

Who: Ashlee Rice ACA Level 4 Instructor 

About Me:

I started kayaking in 2013 while attending school in Humboldt. I took my first job working on the
Trinity River doing photography and shuttles so I could kayak before and after work on the

Before I knew it I was quitting my real job and moving to the river to work full time
managing a rafting company, so I could kayak as much as possible. It wasn’t until many years
later and many days of kayaking later, that I started teaching at Sundance Kayak School in
2017, where I fell in love with teaching. I completed my ACA instructor certification course and
had found a new home on the Rogue River. Then through the First Descents programs, I found
a special place to share the knowledge and skills that gave me so much strength, community,
and pure presence in lifes moments. Taking all this knowledge and my ever present desire to
travel I found myself in Ecuador for many winters escaping the cold and finding the dry top
weather. I found a whole new world of kayakers, and it’s a small world. In the winter of 2022 I
made a big dream come true and went to the mighty Zambezi river in Africa to kayak with the
crocs and hippos! Now, after working at a few kayaking schools on the west coast I’m still with
the Sundance family. I have also created collaborations with other companies to share my
teachings along the west coast. I get to share this knowledge with all my students in so many
special places like California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.

Hope to see you on the river!


My Class:

In our whitewater kayaking class, safety and fun intertwine as we navigate the currents of the river. Picture yourself mastering essential techniques, where each paddle stroke becomes a journey of both learning and adventure. Together, we’ll create a supportive environment, sharing experiences, conquering fears, and fostering camaraderie. Join us in embracing the joy of whitewater kayaking, where the beauty of nature aligns with the thrill of acquiring new skills on the Trinity River.

What We Will Learn:

Stroke work

Balance and stability 

Maneuvering in rapids 

Reading the river

Scouting rapids 


Lessons in hydrology

Roll tune ups

Build confidence

Play and have fun!

Intermediate Class:

This class will focus on class 3 skills such as rolling in current, catching dynamic eddies and making hard ferries. We will cover read and run skills, safety and having fun on the river. This will include playing with features, surfing and boofing. 

Expect on land discussions and interactive group work. These will be short sessions before or after our on-water class. This will reinforce our on water work as well as incorporate different learning styles, and give time for more questions.

This class will benefit paddlers who are looking to improve their class 3 skills, be more playful on the river or who are on the cusp of class 3 skills and comfort.

It will help to have a solid foundation of class 2 whitewater skills such as a moving in and out of swift current, a roll in at least flat water and comfortability in class 2 rapids.

Please provide your own gear for this class; the 5 things. A dry suit or something comparable will be necessary given the water temperature and river levels.

*Please inquire if you need any rental gear two weeks in advance.

 All kayakers are welcome to join, including inflatable kayakers and pack rafters. 

Minimum Age for this Clinic is 18.  Younger can attend, but ONLY with Supervision.

What you need: The 5 things + 






Dry top/Wetsuit/Splash top

Good shoes

Water bottle

Camping equipment (tent,sleeping pad, sleeping bag, head lamp)*

Food, snacks, and drinks (water provided) **

*Please inquire if you need to rent any items at the time of registration.  Some camping gear can be provided with a small fee, and only with advance notice. 

**Food not included. There are two establishments to find food and beverages nearby. Strawhouse Cafe and the Trinity Adventure Park. https://www.strawhouseresorts.com/strawhouse-cafe/

Is it for Me?

This whitewater kayaking clinic will be held on predominantly class 2 whitewater, with a possibility of class 3, depending on class breakdowns. Having some prior experience in class 2 rapids is beneficial. A combat roll is preferred but not mandatory. If you are looking to improve your skills on the river this will be an appropriate clinic for you!

Cost per person: $450 

June Class(Intermediate) – Book Now

July Class – Book Now

August Class – Book Now

Book online or call now 707 599 4221 to reserve your spot in this class!


Mid April each year
This is your chance to take your guiding skills to the next level. We will spend our days running class IV sections of river, focusing on advanced paddle guiding and rowing skills. We will expect that you have basic class II-III guiding skills and will focus our time on being on the river, talking about and practicing skills in rapids each day. Potential sections of rivers include: Cal Salmon (Nordheimer and Butler runs), North Fork Smith, Middle Fork Smith (Patrick’s Creek), South Fork Trinity (3 Bears), Upper Sacramento, Upper Trinity (above the reservoir), and more. Which rivers we run will depend on flows that week. 6 Rivers Rafting will rent campsites for students and instructors to share. We’ll provide lunch each day, but you’ll be on your own for dinners and breakfasts. If you need any gear (wetsuits, splash jackets, booties), we’ll provide it at no charge. There will be a minimum of 1 instructor for every 5 students.

Intermediate Guide Training – 2024 Begins Monday April 15th and ends Friday April 19th

Costs: $TBD/person
Call 707 599 4221 to reserve a spot!