Who we are

Six Rivers Rafting Company is the result of two friends, Shandy and Patrick, trying to provide the highest quality rafting experience available. Both owners have been involved in rafting and outdoor adventures in California, Colorado, and Montana.

At Six Rivers Rafting we believe that your perfect rafting experience is possible and we strive to provide the best: high quality gear, safety consciousness (all class IV trips include a safety kayaker), organic food, and attention to detail. You also might be interested to know that Six Rivers Rafting is a small company, which means the owners will be involved with every aspect of your trip and your party will never be lost in a huge group of guests.

Our Green Commitment

We mean Green. From company purchases to delivering our products, we aim for social and ecological sustainability. Six Rivers Rafting is committed to serving local and organically grown food and high quality drinks on all river trips. We are promoting river waste reduction and ask that plastic disposable water bottles not be brought on the trips. You can help by participating in our no-plastic-on-the-river policy and bring a reusable water bottle on your trip, or if you do not have a reusable water bottle, a Clean Canteen with mountain spring water will be provided to you for no extra cost.