Spring Specials: Cal Salmon, South Fork Trinity, Smith and Eel River Trips


Willow Creek, CA

Put-in: Surprise Creek, South Fork Rd
Take-out: Low water/Broken Bridge
Difficulty: Class IV-IV+
Length: 7 miles

  • Full day: $135.00/adult

This classic springtime section is a personal favorite. This is our “backyard run” and also happens to be one of the best whitewater runs in California, with superb scenery, abundant wildlife, challenging rapids, and amazing water quality. The South Fork of Trinity River is never crowded and one of the longest free flowing rivers in California. After we’ve conquored all the class IV rapids, we have the option of stopping to pick up some inflatable kayaks for the scenic second half of the run.  We will stop at a secluded sandy beach across from a waterfall where we’ll provide a delicious organic deli style lunch with smoked salmon, turkey, farm fresh veggies, and homemade dessert on this trip.  The South Fork flows mostly in the winter and spring, so BOOK EARLY!  Minimum age of 14+.   Previous experience is recommended.

  • Call now to book this trip 707 599 4221.


Somes Bar, CA

Put-in: USFS Butler Ledge river access or campground at Nordheimer Creek
Take-out: Brandan Bar
Difficulty: Class IV or IV-V
Length: 11 miles

  • Price for Cal Salmon Full Day: $150/Adult – March-May (sometimes June)

Known locally as “the slamming salmon” this spring time run is epic!  Nordheimer is the true classic run of the Cal-Salmon, as has a general big water class IV character with two larger rapids sprinkled in. If you are an experienced boater, this stretch of river should be at the top of your list. It has it all. Notable rapids include Bloomer Falls, Air Plane Turn, Cascade, Achilles Heal, Last Chance, and Frieght Train, to name a few.  The Butler Ledge run, starts off fast and furious with the “miracle mile” and continous with constant action through the Gapping Maw and down to Wooley Creek.  Breathtaking scenery, exciting rapids, and remoteness make this run an experience of a lifetime.  We provide a delicious organic deli style lunch with smoked salmon, turkey, farm fresh veggies, and homemade dessert on this trip.  Minimum age is 17+ for Nordheimer and 14+ for Butler.  A minumum of 4 participants is required to book.  Previous paddling experience is highly recommended.

  • Price for Cal Salmon Full Day: $150/Adult
  • Call now to book this trip 707 599 4221.


The Smith River has many different terrains within it’s secluded watersheds, including magestic redwoods, serpenine soils rich with carnivorous and succulent plants, and snow capped mountains.  This remote corner of Northwestern California is home to one of the few completely undammed river systems and is best known for it’s salmon and steelhead fishing.  The whitewater is almost all rain produced, so this one is best to hit a few days after storms have made their way through.  The class IV North Fork is an epic, once in a lifetime, wilderness run, with approximately 100+ waterfalls and plenty of rapids to keep you busy and not thinking about the temps.  The South Fork has is more scenic, floating through the redwoods, with some big class III+ rapids to spice things up.  The Middle Fork has a more creeky feel, with lots of action keeping you busy, with mostly class II and III rapids, with one class IV for good measure.  Since the best time to raft here is winter and early spring, it is recommended you reserve yourself a nice warm comfortable hotel room in Crescent City and let us pick you up for the multiple rafting runs in the nearby area.  You need a minimum of 4 paddlers to book this trip.  Recommended minimum age is 14+.

  • North Fork Smith – $199/person
  • Middle Fork Smith – $125/person
  • South Fork Smith – $150/person
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This is an epic class IV & V river experience! The Cal Salmon is a free-flowing river. With no upstream dams, the river depends on snowmelt for its flows. The California Salmon (Cal Salmon) is one of the wildest rivers in the west. Supreme beauty combined with thrilling class IV and V rapids make this a truely world class adventure creating trips to be remembered for a lifetime. Base camp is made at Nordheimer campground and two or three day trips can be planned depending on paddlers experience and river flows.  The Cal Salmon is pretty consistently at raftable levels March-May.  In years with good snowpack, it can even go through June!  You need a minimum of 4 paddlers to book this trip.  Recommended minimum age is 16+.

  • 1 Night and 2 Days – $399.00/ person
  • 2 Nights and 3 Days – $499.00/person
Call now to book this trip 707 599 4221.


This seldom run river has beautiful top notch scenery, fun rapids,and amazing solitude.  It follows the now abandoned Northwestern Pacific Railway Line.  This 46 mile run can be done in 3 days, but is best as a 4 or 5 day expedition trip, leaving time for exploring up tributaries and side canyons.  The camping here is excellent, as are the opportunities for spotting wildlife.  This run is an excellent option for those really wanting to get off the beaten path and go somewhere not many others ever do.  As it is a spring run, the weather can be fickle, so only the hardy should attempt this epic journey, although we think it is well worth the effort.  April and May are the optimal times to get on the Eel, we launch from Dos Rios and float down to Alderpoint.

3 Nights 4 Days – $699/person

Call now to book this trip 707 599 4221

*All Eel River trips have a $250/vehicle shuttle fee added to the total to make sure your vehicle arrives safe at take out*


    • 1 Night & 2 Days – $449.00/ person
    • 2 Nights & 3 Days – $549.00/ person
    • 3 Nights and 4 Days – $649.00/person

*All Klamath River trips have an additional $150 per vehicle shuttle added to the total to make sure your vehicles arrive safe at take out*

The Klamath River is one of the first rivers in California to be granted National “Wild and Scenic” river status; it has much to offer as it runs free for 180 miles to the Pacific Ocean. It is home to nearly 100 species of mammals and 280 species of birds. The upper stretch is home to thrilling class III-V whitewater- a boaters dream. Anglers are pleased with its world famous and bountiful salmon and steelhead runs. Nature lovers enjoy splendid and diverse wildlife and scenery as it carves an ancient path through some of America’s most wild country- the Cascade, Siskiyou, Sierra, and Lost Coast Mountain Ranges. The Lower section of the Klamath in California gently winds through scenic brilliance in the northwest corner of the state near the Oregon border. This trip is family friendly or adults only.  Inflatable kayaks are available on this trip, please reserve when booking.  The Klamath is flowing and raftable spring, summer, and fall!

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