What to Bring Rafting

Having a hard time knowing what to pack for your trip. This a list of the really important stuff.

Water Bottle

A great big reusable water bottle. Hydration is key to happiness on the river! Everyone should have at least one full water bottle. We bring water to keep it full all day and even a few extra reusable water bottles to share if you forget yours. If you don’t have your own reusable water bottle this is the perfect time to treat yourself to one. They will last a lifetime and you will never have to use a single use plastic bottle again!

Sun Protection

River guides often wear a long sleeve shirt and hat on summer days rafting. This is the best sun protection and it doesn’t wash off. A little reef friendly sunscreen is good to protect your face too.

Foot Wear

Please do not wear flip flops on your rafting trip. Old tennis shoes with rubber bottoms, river sandals, and water shoes work great. Flip flops can be dangerous on rafting trips and do not protect your feet.


Often people ask if they should tip their guide. We are not going to lie, river guides love tips, the wetter the better!

Sun Glasses

Sun glasses are great to bring on the trip, just make sure you have a way to secure them.

What Not to Bring

The river has a way of taking items from us, so if is not tied down or secure you could lose it. General rule, don’t bring anything you would hate to lose. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, don’t bring your only pair of prescription glasses, don’t bring electronics. Don’t bring your phone (it doesn’t work in our area anyways).