Our Green Commitment

We mean Green. From company purchases to delivering our products, we aim for social and ecological sustainability. We’re always looking for ways to innovate! If you are inspired to share a suggestion or idea to help us operate more sustainably, please let us know with the “Contact Us” section of our website.

Reusable water bottles instead of plastic waste

We have a unique no-plastic-on-the-river policy and ask that guests not bring plastic disposable water bottles on trips. Instead, we encourage bringing reusable water bottles, and if guests do not have one, we provide one for their use throughout the day.

Healthy local and organic food served on trips

How and where our food grows has a huge impact on our health and the health of our environment. Pesticides used in non-organic farming persist on the food as we consume it and create large-scale ecological problems as they drain off of the farm and into the watershed. Eating food grown locally helps reduce dependency on fossil fuels, as it does not have to travel hundreds of miles to our plates. It also tastes fresher and helps us support our local farmers. Yum!

We support local businesses with our purchasing

Whenever possible, we purchase supplies from local businesses, particularly when it comes to our food. This helps support our community and we don’t use fossil fuels when traveling far to try and save a buck.

We incorporate environmental education into our guided trips

All of our guides are knowledgeable when it comes to river ecology and the surrounding wildlife. They passionately share information about local species, land-marks, and conservation issues in a friendly and interesting way. They share our passion for sustainability and they love what they do. It comes naturally to them!

All waste from our trips is recycled, reused, or composted

We take many efforts to reduce our waste. Food is packaged in reusable containers and served with real plates and silverware. Reusable water bottles allow us to hydrate without creating waste. Left over food is turned into compost. All other waste is either recycled or reused at the owner’s house (plastic zip lock bags and be cleaned and used over and over!).

We do volunteer multi-day trips for urban youth groups

Once a year we are able to take a group of students on an overnight rafting trip. In 2013, we had an amazing group of young adults from Oakland who we were so lucky to hang out with. For everyone in the group it was their first time rafting and camping! They learned how to paddle through rapids, set up camp, cleanup after camping meals, and toast perfect marshmallows. We feel that it is extremely important to get youth involved outdoors, especially for those who have limited access to rural environments. For more information about youth trips, please see River Trips – Group Trips.

We donate to local charities

As an active member in our community, we enjoy donating rafting gift certificates to local charities for their fundraising efforts. We love seeing our gift certificates generate income for the local Creekside Charter School and the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka! Plus, we get the added benefit of later enjoying the company of the gift certificate recipients!

To learn more about river and watershed conservation, check out these resources: