The Skinny on Sunscreen

The micro climates of the North Coast are crazy diverse! You can be soaking up some chilly coastal fog in the Redwoods or on the beach in Trinidad, and within a 40 minute drive inland to Willow Creek California the temperature can shift up to 50 degrees. It’s hot, real hot in Humboldt and Trinity County! Nothing feels better on one of these hot summer days than jumping in the cool clean Trinity River. When you go whitewater rafting with us you will do lots of swimming.

Third Day Magic: The secret gem behind multi-day river trips.

There is an expression you hear often on the river amongst guides and whitewater enthusiasts. It’s call the “Third Day Magic”. Referring to overnight/ multi day river trips, this expression explains this special kind of bliss that happens after you’ve been on the river more than 48 hours. Because you see, there’s a lot of stop and go to get a rafting trip flowing correctly, from planning the trip, to food shopping, to packing, to running the shuttle, and loading up the gear boat and finally getting on the water the first day of a multiday river trip can be rather exhausting!

Trinity River Rocks: A cookie recipe that says welcome to the 6RR family!

Locals and travelers from all over the world come to Six Rivers National Forest to play and explore on the beautiful Trinity River. While their motives may be from fishing, to hiking, to rafting or exploring the majestic redwoods nearby. Six rivers rafting is becoming notorious for are our delicious meals, especially our homemade cookies! Our vegan and sometimes gluten free (if that's your thing, no worries! ) banana chocolate chips cookies are just the cherry on top of the cake of goodness we call LUNCH!!!
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