Third Day Magic: The secret gem behind multi-day river trips.

There is an expression you hear often on the river amongst guides and whitewater enthusiasts. It’s call the “Third Day Magic”. Referring to overnight/ multi day river trips, this expression explains this special kind of bliss that happens after you’ve been on the river more than 48 hours. Because you see, there’s a lot of stop and go to get a rafting trip flowing correctly, from planning the trip, to food shopping, to packing, to running the shuttle, and loading up the gear boat and finally getting on the water the first day of a multiday river trip can be rather exhausting! But then that 2nd night/ third morning comes around, your body becomes to fall in tune to the flow of the river and rhythms of nature, you wake up with the sun and go to sleep just after the stars come out. You’re more accepting of the pooper groover situation, and your cares from the day to day grind and mundane chores of life have for the most part been swept downstream. Multi day river trips are excellent ways to get out and stay out… while backpacking offers you this same magic, backpacking is also requiring a lot of strength and endurance, so chance to relax and reflect are sometimes scarce. Whereas a multi-day river trip allows you the benefits of a wilderness experience, while also having a full cooked meal, ice cold beverages, and a comfy bed! It’s on these multi day river trips that as a rafting company we really get to see how important time spent in nature can be for an individual, or family or group of friends. By working together to set up camp and get the boats downstream, and by taking a pause from the daily grind of life and other distractions like technological devices when people come down the river they have all the time in the world to connect with each other and the beautiful surroundings. It’s no wonder people from all over the world come to Northern California in search of exactly this thing, intimate time with nature and people they care about. We’re so fortunate at Six Rivers Rafting that we are in such a mecca for whitewater adventure and exploration. Both the Klamath and Trinity Rivers navigate through our backyard offering us endless miles of anything from relaxing floats to exciting whitewater. We hope you can come join in the magic with us soon!

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