The Skinny on Sunscreen

The micro climates of the North Coast are crazy diverse! You can be soaking up some chilly coastal fog in the Redwoods or on the beach in Trinidad, and within a 40 minute drive inland to Willow Creek California the temperature can shift up to 50 degrees. It’s hot, real hot in Humboldt and Trinity County! Nothing feels better on one of these hot summer days than jumping in the cool clean Trinity River. When you go whitewater rafting with us you will do lots of swimming. There will be so much swimming and splashing that sun screen has a hard time sticking on you- it often ends up in the river! Because of this we try to remember to stay covered with long sleeve shirts and use less sunscreen altogether. Less sunscreen means less washes off in the river and less flows into the Klamath River and ends up in our ocean. Sunscreen is important in this California sunshine, so when you are choosing your next tube of sunscreen please purchase biodegradable sunscreen that is safe for rivers, lakes, and oceans. And most importantly remember the more skin your cover (splash guard/long sleeves shirts and sunhats) the less chance of a sunburn and the less sunblock you will need.

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